A Legendary Performer Volume 35

  1. And I Love You So (alternate remake)
  2. Ask Me (remake)
  3. Fountain Of Love (remake)
  4. Easy Question (remake)
  5. That's Someone You Never Forget (remake)
  6. He Knows Just What I Need (remake)
  7. I Got Stung (remake)
  8. You Asked Me To (remake)
  9. After Loving You (remake)
  10. Susan When She Tried (remake)
  11. I Need Somebody To Lean On (remake)
  12. Tonight Is So Right For Love (remake)
  13. Don't Cry Daddy (remake mandoline verse)
  14. Big Love, Big Heartache (remake)
  15. Don't Leave Me Now (remake)
  16. It's Your Baby, You Rock It (alternate remake)
  17. O Come, All Ye Faithful (remake)
  18. Fever (remake DJ Sazonov, extended)
Label DJE