A Legendary Performer Box New Expanded Edition Volume 2

  1. Harbor Lights
  2. I Want You, I Need You, I Love You (take 15)
  3. Blue Suede Shoes (second sit-down show 1968)
  4. Blue Christmas
  5. Let Me (solo mix, previously unreleased)
  6. Jailhouse Rock
  7. You Don't Know Me (alternate mix, previously unreleased)
  8. It's Now Or Never
  9. Cane And A High Starched Collar (take 2 and spliced master from take 6 and insert take 6, previously unreleased)
  10. Blue Hawaii (January 14, 1973, Honolulu, Hawaii)
  11. Such A Night (takes 2-5)
  12. It Won't Be Long (alternate mix, previously unreleased)
  13. For The Good Times (strings overdub, previously unreleased)
  14. Baby What You Want Me To Do (second sit-down show 1968)
  15. How Great Thou Art
  16. If I Can Dream
  17. I Love You Because (complete spliced master from takes 3,5, including spoken part)
  18. Puppet On A String (newly mixed, previously unreleased)
  19. Almost (strings version)
  20. Dominic (alternate mix, previously unreleased)
  21. Pledging My Love (alternate master mix, previously unreleased)
  22. Interview by DJ Dan Thompson (April 10, 1956)
  23. Presentation Of Awards To Elvis (exerpt from press conference, March 25, 1961)
Label Wonderland Records