A Legendary Performer - Moody Blue Remixed

  1. Unchained Melody (24-04-77, Ann Arbor, Michigan)
  2. If You Love Me (Let Me Know) (26-04-77, Kalamazoo, Michigan)
  3. Little Darlin' (24-04-77, Ann Arbor, Michigan)
  4. He'll Have To Go (31-10-76, Graceland, Memphis)
  5. Let Me Be There (20-03-74, Memphis, Tennessee)
  6. Way Down (29-10-76, Graceland, Memphis)
  7. Pledging My Love (29-10-76, Graceland, Memphis)
  8. Moody Blue (04-02-76, Graceland, Memphis)
  9. She Thinks I Still Care (02-02-76, Graceland, Memphis)
  10. It's Easy For You (29-10-76, Graceland, Memphis)
  11. Unchained Melody (single version, 21-06-77, Rapid City, Omaha)
  12. If You Love Me (Let Me Know) (remix by DJ Ethan)
  13. Little Darlin' (remix by DJ Ethan)
  14. He'll Have To Go (remix by DJ Ethan)
  15. Way Down (extended remix version, remastered by DJ Ethan)
  16. Pledging My Love (remix by DJ Ethan)
  17. Moody Blue (remix by DJ Ethan)
  18. She Thinks I Still Care (remix by DJ Ethan)
  19. It's Easy For You (remix by DJ Ethan)
  20. Way Down (take 2)
  21. She Thinks I Still Care (alternate take 2b)
  22. Moody Blue (take 3)
  23. It's Easy For You (take 1)
Label DJ Ethan
Release ??