32 Film Hits - Alternates

Disc 1

  1. Fun In Acapulco (no backing vocal, stereo)
  2. Mexico (undubbed)
  3. Marguerita (instrumental)
  4. Bossa Nova Baby (film version, stereo)
  5. Blue Hawaii (alternate)
  6. Cant Help Falling In Love (alternate take)
  7. Rock-A-Hula Baby (film version, stereo)
  8. Ku-U-I-Po (film version, stereo)
  9. King Creole (master, stereo)
  10. Hard Headed Woman (master, stereo)
  11. Trouble (master, stereo)
  12. Dixeland Rock (master, stereo)
  13. Frankie And Johnny (alternate version)
  14. Please Don't Stop Loving Me (movie master, stereo)
  15. Wild In The Country (instrumental, stereo)
  16. Lonley Man (solo take 1)

Disc 2

  1. Tonight's So Right For Love (alternate take)
  2. Frankfort Special (alternate mix)
  3. Wooden Heart (film version, stereo)
  4. G.I. Blues (alternate spliced master)
  5. Doin' The Best I Can (film version, stereo)
  6. Blue Suede Shoes (film version, stereo)
  7. A Dog's Life (film version)
  8. Charro (alternate mix)
  9. Roustabout (alternate mix, stereo)
  10. Little Egypt (alternate mix, stereo)
  11. Poison Ivy League (master, stereo)
  12. Girls, Girls, Girls (unedited, stereo master)
  13. Where Do You Come From (alternate spliced master)
  14. The Walls Have Ears (film master, stereo)
  15. Follow That Dream (alternate version, stereo)
  16. Angel (alternate take)
Label Miracle Surface
Release CMT1777