Never Been To Spain

The Original RCA Mastertakes Recorded Live On Stage And In The Studio

  1. Sylvia
  2. Early Morning Rain
  3. If YTou Don't Come Back
  4. I Got A Feeling In My Body
  5. Three Corn Patches
  6. For Ol' Times Sake
  7. Miracle Of The Rosary
  8. Raised On Rock
  9. And I Love You So (live)
  10. She Wears My Ring
  11. Just A Little Bit
  12. I've Got A Thing About You Baby
  13. If That Isn't Love
  14. Never Been To Spain (live)
  15. Are You Sincer
  16. Put Your Hand
  17. Trying To Get To You (live)
  18. Sweet Angeline
  19. I Miss You
  20. Steamroller Blues (live)
  21. I've Got A Thing About You Baby
  22. It's Impossible (live)
  23. The Impossible Dream (live)